Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I absolutly LOVED the stories that came with these recipes. Thanks Kathy for sharing.

This is the punch that was served at Annette Scherbel Priddis' wedding reception, which I remember like it was yesterday, and probably many more. It was the special creation of Big Piney resident Coleen Chase, who catered a lot of weddings in those days and made many of the wedding and special occasion cakes, including Annette's. This punch recipe ended up being borrowed by a number of ward members and used in our family and church events for many years.
2 quarts pineapple or cranapple juice1/4 C. lemon juice1 quart sparkling water1 quart 7-Up
Syrup: Disoolve 3 C. sugar in 2 C. water
Mix and our over ice ring in punch bowl. Serves 50

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